Our history

TUSCULUM Cooperative

Our Cooperative currently consists of 50 members for about 120 hectares of vineyards in production.

It was established in September 1977 but the associates connected to it had actually already been selling grapes to the Cantina Sociale di Vermicino (RM) for many years before.

In 1977 the various winemakers decided to join the Cooperative to have greater bargaining power in order to improve the economic income of the grapes they produce.

When choosing the name to be given to the Cooperative, we aimed to identify a name that best represented the various territories on which the vineyards are located.

Considering that the vineyards, as per the Frascati DOC disciplinary, are located in the municipalities of Frascati, Monteporzio Catone, Grottaferrata and Montecompatri, it was unanimously decided for the name TUSCULUM just like the ancient city, founded in pre-Roman times, that reigned this area till the year 1191 when it was razed to the ground by the troops of Rome.


Our logo

VITUS – Vignaioli Tuscolani Wines

Following the decision to vinify part of the grapes production and to bottle the wine, the problem arose of identifying a brand and a logo.

The aim was to find a logo that could represent the winemakers and their business in the best possible way.

One day in June 2019, a group of members, after a day of work in their respective vineyards, met each other for a meeting to discuss just about the logo to be associated with the upcoming wines. While we were discussing the various proposals formulated, it was pointed out that in that moment everyone was wearing a straw hat as usual during very hot days in the vineyards.

So, in this way we decided to create our brand with the payoff “VITUS” (VIgnaioli TUScolani) and above a stylized hat as a brand mark, combining the winegrower’s cooperative name (TUSCULUM), their beautiful work and the change to become a winery.

logo virus grande