Frascati DOC

White wine

Auranova is our Frascati DOC, the name comes from the Latin Aura Nova which literally translated means Fresh Air. Auranova wants to represent the spirit with which the Vitus Winery project was created. Namely, with the intention of giving value and a new lease of life to a precious wine heritage, improving its sustainability in both an environmental and social context, in the hope of creating a better future for all.

auranova con fondo
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    Grape varieties

    Malvasia Puntinata and Malvasia di Candia.

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    Vineyards & soil

    Espalier, 3500 plants per Ha. Volcanic Soil

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    Winemaking technique

    3 months in steel vats – 1 month bottle

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    Tasting notes

    A vibrant perfume of white flowers, apple and citrus fruits on the nose. A fresh satisfying taste and a savoury appeal typical of our volcanic soil. Mouth-filling, silky texture and pleasant almond finish. Mineral and fresh. 

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    Serving temperature

    10-12 C.

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    12,5% vol.

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    Food pairing

    Pasta dishes, Roman Cuisine, white meats and fish.

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    92 pt Luca Maroni Vintage 2019

     86 pt Veronelli 2019

    92 pt Luca Maroni Vintage 2018

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